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NAAM WOLF — Hier komt een korte beschrijving over de wolf van de maand met evt. zijn avatar.

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Real name : Fien
Aantal berichten : 68
IC berichten : 10
Wolf profile
Age: 2 years old.
Pack: -
Mate: -

BerichtOnderwerp: //Aethan   za mei 16, 2015 9:26 pm

- paw  A E T H A N  paw  -

In my crown, I am king.
I love their endless worshipping.
I am raw, a dinosaur, but I’ll never grow extinct.
So don’t mess with me, I’ll shoot you down!

- B A S I C S
- NAME: Aethan
- AGE: 2 years old
- GENDER: Male
- SKILLS: Stealth - Strength - Sharp Tongue

- R E L A T I O N S
- PARTNER: None.
None yet.
None yet.
Naevia; You seem pretty chill to be around. I wouldn't mind knowing you better. You're also nice to talk to.
Yagami; You're kinda.. straightforward ain't ya? Ah well, I don't really know you so I'll see.

- P A C K S

- T H E   O U T S I D E
- FUR: White with some light gray patches
- EYES: Blue
- EXTRA: None
Aethan is a pretty small wolf, with a soft fluffy fur. Underneath this fur there are strong muscles, so he can surely defend himself at all times. Furthermore there isn’t really anything special about Aethan. He’s just a wolf, nothing special here, move along.

- T H E   I N S I D E
- LIKES: Evenings - Sleeping - Making jokes about others - Snow - Hunting
- DISLIKES: Strangers - Swimming - Mud - A lot of things.
Aethan is a someone not to be messed with. He doesn't like the company of strangers at all, and is most lively at night. His white fur annoys him from time to time, unless he's in the snow or in the dark. Because have you tried hunting with white fur? It's like having a huge neon sign on your back thats just screaming; 'Hey prey! Here I am! Trying to kill you! Just to let you know hahahah...!' Get out. That's why you'll mostly find him out and about at night. Because then he is just a tad less visible. Anyway, we're getting off topic here. It's about his personality. He'll snap at strangers when they cross this vague line Aethan has. But you know, he has this cliché where he is mostly friendly and loving towards... well.. friends and lovers. But depending on the way you treat him you'll either quickly annoy him or slowly befriend him. Just be warned. He feels pretty darn good about himself, and you won't get him down of his high horse that quickly.
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-In my crown, I am king!-
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